About us

Solidon™ is a networking firm specialized in providing its customers with the very best of network products and services. Known for its high quality products, best solutions and instant services Solidon™ is getting widely spread around the world.

Our products include both UTP products, FTP Products and fiber optic products. In addition to our best services, we assure a warranty of 30 years from the date of installation of the product.

Our products have reached the first in demand within a short span of time. We being the providers for various government firms, major business firms and various SMBs can proudly comment on our products that it had never been put down by any of our customers.

Our staffs include the best, qualified and experienced personalities in whatever job they are put into.

We have our researchers and developers working day in and day out to meet the demands of the ever growing communication industry.

We can guarantee our customers:
• Best quality products
• Quick reliable solutions
• Instant services
• A 30 year warranty