System Warranty

The Solidon™ Category 6 Cabling Solution is backed by an exclusive 30 year warranty when installed by a certified installer providing 100% coverage of non consumable products, application assurance and labor covering both link and channel using Solidon™ connecting hardware and premium cable.

The Solidon™ Category 6 Cabling Solution is guaranteed to provide Category 6 performance to 550 MHz. All installations must be installed by a CAT6 Networks approved and trained installer. 100% CAT6 performance testing must be carried out by the approved installer using a Fluke tester.

We are confident that your Solidon™ products will keep performing to current industry standards. If it ever fails to meet those standards within 30 years of the date of installation, we’ll provide the reasonable parts and labour to replace the Solidon™ product.

This warranty covers the performance of the entire cabling system (Cable, connecting hardware and patch Chords) for a period of 30 years from the effective date. Each component of the system is covered for defects in materials and workmanship.

Above warranty does not extend to products which have been subjected to neglect, accident, improper use, improper installation, or improper storage which can diminish performance below CAT6 performance. This warranty does not cover damages from lightning or electrical forces that exceed the standard range.